A patch of garbage at least twice the size of Texas is floating in the North Pacific and growing by the day. What does a company do when it wants to take on such a major issue? It takes product innovation to new heights and enlists employees, consumers and everyone else along the way to pitch in. Cleaning supply company Method is doing just that with its newest product that incorporates debris fro... Leia mais

Apple's latest big announcement wasn't a new iPhone launch or the thinnest laptop on the market, but it made headlines across the globe nonetheless. Apple's shocking decision to pull all listed products from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry late last month was quickly repealed last week when the company announced it would rejoin the voluntary green electro... Leia mais

Voting Gets Personal

13/07/12 - 01h00

True inspiration comes more from real life than fiction. Pepsi Refresh may have kick-started the "cause-voting" trend by placing emphasis on the nonprofit or issue; but now, several companies have added a twist to traditional campaigns by putting people's true life stories at the forefront.  Ketel One Vodka is inviting its consumers to present an idea or captivating story that will raise... Leia mais

Companies are often faced with tough decisions. But what does a company do when it must make a decision that affects the very core of its brand, one that puts profit and purpose at odds? Urban Decay, a makeup brand known as much for its avant-garde color combinations as its vegan and animal cruelty-free stance, has recently made a major decision to sell its products in China, where animal tes... Leia mais

The Buzz Over Bees

22/06/12 - 01h00

Bees may be small, but the movement to save them is getting bigger by the day, and the plight of the bee just might be one of the most buzzed about issues in cause. What was once a niche issue is now becoming commonplace, as more companies realize disappearing bees are bad for business. Since 2006, beekeepers have reported on the rapid disappearance of adult worker honey bees known as Colony ... Leia mais

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