Oh Gaia! I’m a Taoist!

07/04/17 - 06h56

I am teaching a Chinese history class for local students, introducing them to Taoist literature — Tao Te Ching, Zhuangzi, Taiping jing — and I realized: I’m a Taoist at heart. In my twenties, I learned many of my fundamental beliefs from reading Lao Tsu.Now, decades later, I believe the Taoist teachings help me avoid feeling depressed about the state of the world. Taoists trust the... Leia mais

When we launched the call for the second Break Free from fossil fuels campaign, we were, of course, hoping to grow the coalition and increase the number of peaceful protests against the dirty energy industries. What we did not expect, however, was a booming and massive rallying of more than 200 organisations and groups - including 30 Greenpeace offices - putting together an impressive list of over... Leia mais

All life on Earth comes from the oceans... and they're still looking after us today.The oceans have protected us from the worst impacts of global warming. Our oceans have trapped 90% of the extra heat caused by greenhouse gas emissions over the last sixty years.Des, surf rescue team at Manly beach, Sydney, Australia, 201620,000 years ago the world was just over 4°C colder on average tha... Leia mais

“I’m here at the U.N. asking for an abolition of nuclear weapons,” said Toshiki Fujimori, a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing, to diplomats from more than 120 countries gathered at the UN general assembly on 27 March.“Nobody in any country deserves seeing the same hell again.”Peace Doves fly on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima (2005)Nuclear weapon... Leia mais

Yesterday I woke up at 4.30am, entered the second-largest refinery in Europe, and climbed a 90-meter-high chimney to paint over a logo. Not an ordinary day at the office, even as an executive director of Greenpeace. But knowing about the insanity of Total’s plans to drill for oil at the mouth of the Amazon, I knew I needed to stand up, get out there and do something.Protest in Belgium against To... Leia mais

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